Shadow Dancer – Golden Traxe


What’s it good for? – DJing, dancing, driving, cleaning the house
Have I heard this before? – Boys Noize, Proxy, Para One
Tracks to download – Poke, Soap

Heads Will Roll said…

Shadow Dancer has released an album for those who like their music loud and noisy. It’s full of instrumental, glitchy, cut up sounds with each of the songs on the album ready for the dance floor. If you’re unfamiliar with Shadow Dancer they are Liverpool-born brothers Paul and Alan Farrier. They’ve been releasing EPs since 2004 and have since found a home on Boys Noize’s record label having released their last three EPs on Boysnoize Records and have put out remixes for artists such as the Whip and Chromeo. Boysnoize Records has built a reputation of releasing cutting edge dance music, which was highlighted with the release of the BNR Vol.1 compilation album last year. That album featured an assortment of artists who are creating really interesting dance music such as Housemeister, D.I.M, Strip Steve and Shadow Dancer.

I put this CD on whilst I set out to move furniture in my house. The first sounds I heard were the murmured talking and then bam I was assaulted by piercing, broken up sounds and manic bass. For the next 55 minutes the intensity of the CD did not let up. Each track in it’s own right seems perfect for the dance floor. The best use of the songs on the CD would be by a DJ to move their set forward. That’s not to say the songs a filler tracks, just as it’s all instrumental, the songs kind of get lost in themselves, having cool parts that don’t really sustain the need to play the full track, better suited to a short fire couple of minutes to up the tempo in the room. For those of you who are DJ inclined the album tracks are not mixed together so you can grab a copy of this and start busting out some Shadow Dancer goodness immediately.

My furniture was moved with great ease and rather quickly, which may have had something to do with tempo of the album never repenting. Shadow Dancer create high energy music so if that’s your sort of thing it won’t hurt to get a copy of Golden Traxe but I really don’t recommend sitting down with a book and try to listen to it as a whole album.

Another Guy said… I skipped through it looking for Cowbois. It wasn’t on there.

Shadow Dancer – Soap (link)

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