What’s that sound? It’s the sound of Shoes!

The weekend is drawing closer and Tiga wants you all to go out and have some hedonistic fun. The film clip for his latest song Shoes has been released and it works brilliantly with the song, it’s absurd and ridiculous and at Heads Will Roll we just can’t get enough.

This weekend there are a few fun ways you can burn off that Easter chocolate. This Friday Easy Tiger are bringing Designer Drugs all the way from NYC to play at Shape. All the info can be found in our handy What’s On? post here. Saturday we suggest staying at Shape for Shazam’s single launch. The man himself will be playing along with Jamie Doom and Gus Hoodrat from Bang Gang. All the info is one click away, here. However if you’re all Shaped out you could try venturing to Sexy. Sexy is a new event being held at Republic. Republic , if you didn’t know, is positioned on Shafto lane, down the Wellington Street end, and when it’s not featuring bands and DJs it’s a male strip club. The place has a sheep shearing shed vibe, and if that’s not enough to get you in the mood, it also features some fairly decent tunes and after a few drinks the dance floor stays packed.

Till next time,

Heads Will Roll.


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