the Presets remix competition!


In conjunction with Vtech and Filter, the Presets are running a remix competition. The song they want you to butcher, rework and reimagine and is Kicking and Screaming. All the stems for the song came be found here. Your entries must be completed and emailed by May 7 and the winning track will be chosen by the Presets themselves. I here you asking what do I get for my blood, sweat and tears? Well answer is lots of love and appreciation from the Presets. We’re not too sure how many stores accept love and appreciation in exchange for goods, maybe that’s something you should enquire about before entering the competition. Good Luck, more info through here.

In local news, the Presets will soon be back in Western Australia for what should be their final tour playing the songs from Apocalypso. All the information for that show can be found here, and the after party featuring the Bag Raiders can be found here.

Email your entries to

Download the stems here a word of warning this file is 659 mb



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