2manydjs: f*cking your eyeballs in 2009!


What would you do if your DJ set, which was once pioneering, had become stale as other DJs around the world copied your fast cutting, multi-genre, mash up sets? Well if you’re Belgian brothers, Stephen and David Dewaele, you’ll reinvent the DJ set, like they reinvented the live electronic band formula, with their Soulwax Nite Versions show. The Dewaele brothers have turned their 2manydjs show into a “live” audio/visuals extravaganza. Equipped with pioneer DVD players and animated record covers, for each of the tracks they are spinning, the new and reimagined 2manydjs set features a live mix of music and images. Watch the following Youtube videos and try and not to grin as you envision the shear joy going through the minds of all the people at these shows. The other exciting part of this tour is that it sees the live return of Soulwax as a band, hopefully this is all leading to a album of new material some time soon. 2manydjs are touring this show solid until mid-September and we at Heads Will Roll would be more than happy to see them back at Parklife, along with the likes of Tiga and Erol Alkan, or at any of the other festivals this season that wants to be part of what could possibly one of the shows of the year.

The awesome Youtube videos are available for your viewing pleasure after the jump.


Nirvana and Sonic Youth

Aphex Twin and Mr Oizo

the Clash and ACDC



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6 responses to “2manydjs: f*cking your eyeballs in 2009!

  1. perthquake

    This is exactly the kind of stuff I like to see! Nice work heads will roll. I hope they come here too, only if they play late at night so the visuals work. Unlike what I heard happened to Etienne De Crecy.

  2. will d

    The new show is amazing, do you know where I can get a full track list of the show?/

    cant seem to find one anywhere


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  4. I saw them at Hard Haunted Mansion 2009 (Friday) and they played this awesome set! The visuals blew my mind! Thanks for the youtube video links (although, it doesn’t do it justice, npi).

  5. I saw them yesterday, they are awesome!!!! (only daft punk with their alive 2007 show are better)

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