What’s On? Kode 9, Steve Spacek and Harmonic 313 @ Villa (27/06/09)

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Who’s playing? – Kode 9, Harmonic 313, Steve Spacek, Rekab, Ben Elliot
Who’s idea was this? – {move}, they brought out Flying Lotus, Red Bull Music Academy
Where? – Villa
It all starts at… – 10pm
How much? – $25 + BF
How do you get in on this? – online, usual outlets and door sales
Who’s going to be there? – bass heads, tech heads
You’d like it if you were… sober, drunk, high

Heads Will Roll says…

Villa is set to blast off with a night of futuristic, speaker destroying, bass heavy sounds as Kode 9, Steve Spacek and Mark Prichard bring the Red Bull Music Academy show to Perth. Kode 9, fresh from his information session about the RBMA at the Scotto (click here to find out about that event), Mark Prichard, touring under his Harmonic 313 moniker (click here for a review of his impressive album), and Steve Spacek will bring a mixture of techno, dubstep, hip hop and anything and everything that will make the dance floor shake with heavy sub-bass sounds.

Another Guy says… this event should be loud and heavy

Mark Prichard’s latest show on rbmaradio.com

Kode 9’s latest show on rbmaradio.com

Tickets can be purchased from Heatseeker here



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2 responses to “What’s On? Kode 9, Steve Spacek and Harmonic 313 @ Villa (27/06/09)

  1. Perthquake

    This looks pretty f**king awesome. Nothing beats heavy bass, pardon the pun.

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