What’s On? Queensrÿche @ Capitol (27/08/09)


Who’s playing? – Queensrÿche, supports TBA
Who’s idea was this? Just Say Rock
Where? – Capitol
It all starts at… – doors 8pm
How much? – $87.90
How do you get in on this? – tickets available online
Who’s going to be there? – prog metal fans
You’d like it if you were… sober, drunk

Heads Will Roll says…

If you like your music heavy, your hair to be long and greasy and your albums to be full of concepts then you need to be head to Capitol to watch Queensrÿche. This will be the bands second trip to Australia, their first to Perth so even if you’re only slightly interested you better get down to this show, as there might not be too many other opportunities to watch this band live. To get you excited watch the Youtube videos below.

Another Guy says… METAL!

Purchase your tickets here

Read all about the band here


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One response to “What’s On? Queensrÿche @ Capitol (27/08/09)

  1. After listening to this band for 26 years and seeing them in other countries and cities, it just blew my mind that they actually played my home town last night. What an awesome sounding band. Playing tunes from records “Rage For Order”, “American Soldier” and “Empire” the show was packed with the tunes we all grew up to.

    Awesome to meet the band after the show, so very humble and talkative and they have been doing this for 25 plus years. Scott and Geoff where very easy to talk to and engaged in talk away from the usual hows the music going over etc.

    Wish we had bands like this coming over to Perth more often, but I guess when there are crowds of less that 400 and these shows you know why. Still very grateful they made the long time over, show was killer and they have not lost a step, and they have finally found a guitar player in Parker that can actually play the tunes as Degarmo did with the same tone.

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